Game Day Coverage

TTL Sports Media provides attention-getting and comprehensive content before, during and after the competition.  Pre-game content includes announcements such as special attractions, game enticements, team rosters and upcoming milestones.  During-the-game annotated imagery can be posted to social media in near real-time.  And comprehensive post-game editorial content (images and articles) are usually posted within two hours.  

Internet and Social Media Readiness

TTL Sports Media will review your internet presence and provide recommendations to increase your web site and social media presence and sales. Recommendations on creation of buyer profiles and development of content that is compelling, relevant and timely for on-demand inquires and just-in-time follow-ups will be made. Technical recommendations on search engine optimization, site map development, HTML page coding and keyword selection will be provided.

Editorial Content

TTL Sports Media creates editorial content for our subscribers.  We also accept assignments from accredited media outlets.  Edited and captioned content will be posted within two hours of the game’s completion.  We do not work for photo bureaus.  We do not resell imagery.    

Team Memorabilia

TTL Sports Media works with you to enhance the fan's experience by providing team memorabilia. Our content can be used for player cards, team photos, calendars, magazines, tee shirts and cups. Literally any flat surface can be turned into swag. Here is a recent example...

Resources & Education

TTL Sports Media publishes a wide variety of white papers and articles that describes best practices and techniques in sports marketing and social media. We also provide on-line training that can be customized to your needs. Here are a few examples...

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