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Through the Lens Sports Media provides though leadership to sports organizations on digital and internet strategies for web site development, market analysis and segmentation, buyer profiling, content creation, search engine optimization  and social media marketing. 

What We Do

TTL Sports Media focuses on providing sports teams with designing, building and maintaining the content delivery systems to maintain and expand an engaged fan base.  

Growth Strategies

TTL Sports Media can assist you in developing, implementing and managing sales strategy to diversity online sales revenues.  We will complete a data-centric analysis of your customer demographics and buying habits to identify new revenue opportunities, segmented by buyer profiles.  As a team, we will craft differentiated offerings and compelling value propositions for each buyer profile.  We will then define a sales process for each buyer profile, removing buying obstacles and accelerating time-to-revenue.

Value Optimization

TTL Sport Media will assess the effectiveness of your website in attaining your business goals(e.g., exciting the base, increase wallet share, expanding the base).  Prioritized recommendations on market segmentation, buyer profiles, site navigation and content will be made to improve site’s business value.  Specific suggestions on the development of media that is compelling, relevant and timely for on-demand inquires and just-in-time follow-ups will be made. TTL Sports Media can then work as a member of your teams to implement these changes.  

Social Media Effectiveness 

TTL Sports Media will assess the effectiveness of your social media activity as a component of your overall marketing, public relationship and customer service efforts.  We will help you establish goals and recommend tactics on prefer social media platforms to attain those goals.  Essential is the development of an engaging content strategy to provide quality coverage of pre-season, pre-game, game-time and post-game action, as well as player highlights, fan polling and player close-ups.    

Journalist Engagements

TTL Sports Media creates editorial content for our customers.  We also accept assignments from accredited media outlets.  We do not resell imagery.  

Game-Day Coverage

TTL Sports Media provides attention-getting and comprehensive content before, during and after the competition.   


TTL Sports Media produces a wide variety of white papers, articles and on-line training on sports marketing, social media and content development. 

What They're Saying

Special Projects Associate,  Professional Basketball

" I really just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything. It’s not often that you find someone who is so kind, helpful, good at their job AND invested in your well-being." 

Vice President Communications, Professional Baseball

“TTL Sports was a godsend. We are on very tight budgets and there is no margin for error. TTL Sport far exceed our expectations and provided us a huge value.”

Director of Media, Professional Hockey  

“Coverage of Calder Cup Championship was the finest we’ve seen all season. The different looks, angles, focus, unique perspectives and big moments allowed our fans to really experience the event on line. The league loved what you did.”

President, Youth Athletic Organization

“We have been operating for more than 40 years and have greater than 8000 athletes. TTL Sports gave us a massive amount of content that captures what we want our kids to be: good quality individuals that compete to their best abilities."   

Through the Lens Sport Media takes great pride the one-to-one relationships we have with our Teams.  We're not big on purpose. We want to feel like we are a member of your Team, and we will let the Team down if we don't do our absolute best every day.  We believe in pushing the bar higher and higher to set new standards of excellence.  

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