Bold Miss Opportunities Against Miami

This was a match the Austin Bold FC should have won.  Instead, the Bold found mercy for The Miami FC and settled for a 0-0 draw. 

The Bold dominated the play.  This was greatly helped by red card issue to Connor Sparrow, the Miami goalkeeper, for a hands ball outside the box early in the second half. 

The manage-advantage allowed Austin to control the pitch.  The Bold led in time of possession (58 to 42%), duel successes (55 to 45%), aerial duels (56 to 44%) and shots (13 to 7).  But Miami kept Austin mostly outside the box and limited the  offense to just 2 shots on-target. 

The Bold had some great looks, but they were their own worse enemies. 

Ates Diouf missed a wide-open net, after a beautiful crossing pass from Collin Fernandez.  All because he could get his head on the ball. 

And Nicholas Hinds went for the shot,  instead passing to wide open Stafano Pinho who had the easy tap-in.  That shot deflected wide off the far post. 

As badly as this outcome is, the Bold should consider themselves lucky.  Austin would have likely lost the match if not for the mental error by Sparrow on the hands ball.  

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