Jamie Chadwick Defends W Series Crown

Jamie Chadwick defended her W Series crown while dominating both races at the Circuit of the Americas. 

W Series is an all-female single-seater, open wheel racing championship started in 2019.  Drivers are selected solely by their ability and race in mechanical cars, meaning championship are decided on the talent of the drive and not the wealth of the team. Ultimately, the goal of W Series is to women compete at the highest level of motorsport, including F1. 

The W Series compete alongside Formula 1 at eight Grand Prix championships in 2021, with the season culminating at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. 

Chadwick, a 24-year-old English native, crossed the finish line almost 5.030 seconds ahead of second-place Abbi Pulling with a time 33 minutes and 48.906 seconds in Sunday’s race.  Chadwick also took Saturday’s race, besting Emma Kimilainen  by 1.257 seconds. 

Chadwick cinched the W Series Championship with the two wins.  She ended the season with 159 points while second-place  Alice Powell completed the campaign with 132 points.

Championship Point Totals

Place              Driver / Team                                           Points

1            Jamie Chadwick/ Veloce Racing                  159

2           Alice Powell / Racing X                                      132

3          Emma Kimilainen / Wcurie                               108

Race #1

Place              Driver / Team                                            Time

1             Jamie Chadwick/ Veloce Racing         33:59.968

2            Emma Kimilainen / Wcurie W                   +1.257s

3            Alice Powell / Racing X                                +3.596s

Race #2

Place              Driver / Team                                            Time

1              Jamie Chadwick/ Veloce Racing       33:48.906

2             Abbi Pulling / Puma W Series Team     +5.030s

3            Emma Kimilainen / Wcurie W                   +7.209s

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