Bold Fall to El Paso in Lackluster Affair

The Austin Bold FC fell to the El Paso Locomotive FC in what was the least exciting match ever played at Bold Stadium.  Final score was 1-nil. 

Diego Luna’s header to the bottom right corner produced the match’s only goal.  Macauley King setup the goal on a crossing pass to Luna. 

Both teams played a cautious match with only one offsides each.  Referee Mark Allatin showed nine yellow cards, sending a message that any aggression was not allowed.  The five yellow cards presented to Austin nearly doubled their season-to-date total. 

The match was evenly played as measured by time of possession, duel success rates, aerial duels won.  The few exceptions were number of crossing passes (Austin 27 to El Paso 9) and crossing passing accuracy (Austin 18.5% to El Paso 44.4%).  El Paso was more aggressive on tackles, leading Austin 19 to 13. 

The defenses effectively quelched the offenses.   Each side generate only one shot-on-target.  Austin produced only six total shots (3 inside and 3 outside the box) and El Paso produced 5 total shots (3 inside the box and 2 outside the box). 

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