Cedar Park Rolls Over Rouse

Its been argued that High School football needs a “mercy rule”, similar baseball or softball. When one team is winning by such a great margin the game is awarded to the leading team, rather than continue the embarrassment of the losing team.  

Cedar Park High School Head Football Coach, Carl Abseck, showed us Friday night why a “mercy rule” is not needed in football.  The coaches will self-regulate.  

Coach Abseck’s team controlled all aspects of the first half against Rouse, taking a 28-7 lead into the locker room at the half.  But during the break Abseck dialed-back the intensity of play and elected to play underclassmen.   The result was a solid win 31-7 win for the Timberwolves without a further embarrassment of the Raiders. 

Cedar Park controlled all aspect of the game.  Starting quarterback Ryder Hernandez threw for three touchdowns, finding Carson Neel, Brandon Breed and Aydon Holley in the end zone.  And Neel scored a second touchdown on the ground.  

Rouse’s quarterback Ethan Moore connected with Tavian Tate for the Raider’s sole score of the evening. 

Statistically Cedar Park threw-up some incredible numbers:  442 offensive yard, 129.8 quarterback rating, 5.1 yard per carry and 17.0 yard per reception.  But Cedar Park received the benefit of these statistics while at the same time not appearing as the sandlot bullies.  

Well done, Cedar Park. 

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