Rodeo Austin Competition Narrows

Rodeo Austin entered its second week of competition, as 96 athletes competed for 16 playoff round position.  The number of nightly competitors decreases in the more dangerous events as the athletes become satisfied with their chances of advancing.  The two-night Playoff Round starts Thursday. 

The night was not without danger, however.  Bull rider Brett Custer was thrown then stomped on by bull Midnight Bender. Custer was able to walk away under his own power, but received immediate medical attention. 

Rodeo clowns had to rescue bull rider Wyatt Gregg from bull Wild Onion.   Gregg’s hand was caught in the rigging causing him to be pulled under the bull. 

In total, the bulls threw 6 of 7 riders on Tuesday.  RiderParker Breding made the only complete ride with a score of 84.5.   

Lisa Lockhart competed in the Barrel Racing event.  Lockhart was the top finisher on Tuesday with a time of 15.06 sec. 

Cowboy Caddo Lewallen took top honors in the Tie Down Roping competition.  Lewallen roped the steer and tied together three of its hoofs in 9.4 seconds. 

The team of Nelson Wyatt and Rich Skelton completed the Team Roping competition.  The team lassoed the steer by its horns and rear hoofs in a time of 4.2 sec.  The effort was the best of the evening at Rodeo Austin.  

Cowboy Jake Brown and bronc Holy Grail took top honors in the Bareback Riding competition with a score of 78.  One-half of the score is earned by the rider’s performance and the second half by the horse’s performance.  

Rodeo clowns are not the center of attention at the rodeo, but have one of the most dangerous jobs. At the end of the evening they like to showoff their abilities.   The clown Harp has some dangerous fun with a Mexican bull-fighting bull, trying to use the bull’s horns as a hat tree. 

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